Help X

Are you sitting in your office listening to people click click click their mouse staring at the fluorescent overhead lights and thinking 'I would love to be free but I just can't afford it?' How does free board and lodgings in exchange for 4 hours work sound? Help Exchange or Help X-ing is a chance to fit into a community and experience a different way of life for free, here is how it works.

Help X is a website which had been set up to match willing volunteers with potential hosts. In exchange for a minimum of four hours work a day for four or five days per week your host will provide you with board and lodgings. The work can involve anything from looking after parrots, working on farms, restoration work or brewing beer.

People of all ages and with all different types of skills can try out a help exchange and I would heartily recommend that you do.

In my experience its most definitely not chancers looking for free labour but a way to intimately experience different cultures, make fantastic friends and travel far and wide for very little money. It is most certainly one of the best things I have ever done!

stripping shutters


learning French "c'est tres grand"

selling beer while dressed as dafties

brewing beer

meeting people and drinking beer


and discovering...there is a whole world of opportunities out there