Sunday, 11 December 2011

Indonesia: Laboan Bajo, Flores, Rinca & Komodo

After our epic journey from Gili T arriving in Laboan Bajo was a delight, it has an awesome shabby pirate bay feel about it with a half moon harbour filled with colourful fishing boats and big wooden white sailed boats moored beside craggy outcrops. There are some drop dead gorgeous sunsets and hip places to eat and drink. 

We stayed in Gardena Bungalows where the bamboo huts creep up the hill offering some great views across the harbour.

From Gardena we organised a 2 day 1 night cruise around Komodo and Rinca to see some Komodo dragons and stop off at a few snorkelling places along the way

Our boat was called Bees and was perfect, captained by Mr Captain with Marco his son cooking and helping out. We dined like kings and slept under the stars.

Our first stop was Rinca island which is part of the Komodo national park.

Trekking around Rinca on the hunt for the dragons.

I took about a million photos of these beasts trying to get a picture of their long forked blue tongues.

Check them out in action - they are massive!

Lunch on board Bees

We moored off the coast of Komodo for the night and hawkers appeared in canoes selling their wares

Giant flying foxes circling the mangroves

A wee guy called Kevin canoed over to us with a giant wooden Komodo for sale, I fell in love and we are now the proud owners of Kevin the Komodo.

The second day took us to Komodo Island for more trekking and dragon spotting.

Jo our guide on Komodo, he had a pretty keen eye for distant birds and flying lizards.

Thank you Captain and Marco, Bees was brilliant

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