Friday, 9 December 2011

Indonesia: Gili Trawangen

After a week in Ubud we took the fast boat from Padang Bai to Gili Trawangen. I was quite excited about getting to Gili T after reading this article comparing it to Ibiza in its 1960's and 1980's haydays. The boat took around an hour and a half from Bali and sailed towards the Gili islands, which sit just off the north eastern coast of Lombok. From the boat islands looked like three perfect white sand palm fringed droplets in the turquoise sea. We landed on the most popular Gilli T where there are no cars or motorbikes only push bikes and horse and carts to navigate the island.

We hired bikes to explore the island, you can cycle around it in an hour or so, mind you some pushing is required through the deep sand. 

The development is concentrated along one main strip and a stroll or short cycle north or south will take you to deserted beaches with views over to the volcanic silhouettes of western Lombok.

Dan admires his rasta paint job

We came across a cute little warung on the north side of the island and we all piled in desperate for some water or juice. We tried to order some big bottles of water as we hid in the shade. Sorry no water - only beer or magic mushroom shakes!! This is Gili T...

A pretty awesome dining arrangement

Coconut shells are used as charcoal with fresh fish BBQ's at every corner

Gili T has some fantastic snorkelling with a coral shelf around 70m from the beach, there are loads of turtles to find and follow

Massive speakers being transported on horse and cart

I want this bike!

Tim and I sampling some local Arak

Zul making bracelets on the beach

Happy 30th Sasha, what a birthday! Swimming with turtles, inventing 3D, finding Scarborough on Gili T....

One of the many rather swanky cafes. Gili T has a mix of shabby backpacker places, mushroom shacks guaranteed to send you to the moon, cafes that could be in Paris or Ile de Re with perfectly shabby chic interiors and really posh resorts. It feels like its at a tipping point towards polished package holiday - hopefully it will retain some of its haphazard and hedonistic vibe.

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