Sunday, 20 November 2011

Malaysia: Bako National Park (Sarawak, Borneo)

Bako National Park is around an hours bus ride from Kuching and home to the fabled proboscis monkey. If you are planning on visiting beware of the tides as the boats are only able to reach the park twice a day at high tide. The boat journey to the park is great fun, riding the incoming surf past fishermen, mud flats and lush jungle.

We trecked through the jungle in search of the proboscis monkey, it was so incredibly hot and steamy with deafening jungle noises.

At dusk, as we were making our way back from the beach, we heard rustling in the trees on both sides. We stopped and waited quietly and two proboscis monkeys swung out from the trees and crossed our path to the other side of the jungle. Now, these aren't your average monkeys they are the most bonkers looking things - I tried to make a video of them but alas I was not fast enough so check out the you tube clip below for a glimpse of this fabled beast.

The transport to and from Bako national park

Again, check out Sasha and Tim's blog for some great pics


  1. One of the most remote areas in Borneo, yet one of the most toured places in Malaysia. The swamp and marshes are home to bio diversity.

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