Friday, 18 November 2011

Malaysia: Kuching (Sarawak, Borneo)

We flew from Singapore to Kuching, which is in the Malaysian part of Borneo to meet up with Sasha and Tim. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it certainly wasn't the laid back metropolis that we found! Kuching lies to the West of Sarawak on the banks of the Kuching River. The people are amazingly friendly, the food is incredibly cheap and super tasty and there are steamy jungles to explore and orangutangs to find a simple bus ride away. 

Sasha and Tim's photos are way better, you can find them here

The folks of Kuching seem to have a passion for crazy colours of paint, all at once - a different colour on each wall/post/bollard/ceiling....

At a hawker stall near the large pink mosque behind the bus station. Incredible food for around 80p each

The famous Kek Lapis of Sarawak, crazy multi-coloured multi patterned layer cake

Tiny little boats on the Kuching River - the guys crouched into them with their bums hanging over the back and skimmed them up and down the river.

Drinks you can eat! The Malaysians seem to love a wee surprise in the bottom of your fanta

We stayed at the Nomads guest house which was fab, clean rooms and great hosts 

One of Sarawak's famous dishes - Laksa

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