Monday, 14 November 2011

Asia: Singapore

Our Asian adventure started in the super green and super clean Singapore, which was a lovely calm transition between our rural life in France and the great hectic delights of South East Asia. Thanks to Laura and Steve for putting us up and showing us around it was very much appreciated!

Singapore has a wealth of new and interesting architecture with plenty of green walls and trees growing part way up buildings within the storeys, these green facades (along with plentiful street trees and planting) give the city a steamy jungly and exotic feel. 

Concrete shuttering on the school of art building which looked like timber from a distance.

Bit of landscape architecture geekery - the ramp was integrated within a series of black and white walls which worked really well within the geometry of the plaza in front of the school of art.

The gorgeous multi stemmed street trees studded with epiphytes create a tropical urban jungle

The food of south east asia is one of lifes great pleasures and we made sure not to miss Singapore's famous chilli crab

Some colourful buildings in china town

We made the obligatory visit to Raffles for a Singapore Sling and luxuriated in the colonial surroundings while brashly throwing our peanuts in the floor - brilliant, but damned expensive at £30 for 2 drinks!!


  1. I remembered my stay there in Asia, I've met a lot of good people there. Thanks.

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