Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mondial de la biere

Mondial de la Biere festival 2001 in Strasbourg - the first time Le Brewery had exhibited and 4 days of beer tasting, networking and meeting fantastic people.

Bretzle, Rigas, Steve and Dan get ready for the public

The Le Brewery beers were a bit of an anomaly at the festival. English style ales, brewed in France by an Englishman and served on a traditional hand pump by Scottish, Greek and Americans!? 

After working at Le Brewery in Normandy I have developed a real love of beer, not your average boring pint but lovely flavoursome exiting beers that have been made with passion. In order to appreciate great beer you need to get your head around what makes it taste like it does - hopps/malt/types of water.....there is a lot to learn! Alex Barlow has developed a website called All Beer which helps you to understand the type of flavours that you might like and links to other beers with similar characteristics.

The range of Le Brewery beers

We found out on Sunday that we had one a gold medal for the Stout - Odo. This was really a fantastic achievement as with around 400 beers only 10 received medals.

The winning brewers.

 My favourite brewery of the competition Dieu du Ciel! came away with 2 gold medals for their unusual and tasty concoctions. It was almost like they were chefs, creating beers as you would create really exciting recipes - unusual flavours, great rounded mouth feel, moreish mmm and excellent party hosts!

Steve with his gold medal and the winning Odo

An exhausting but brilliant festival, finished off with a German/Turkish kebab outing

Three in stripes, we met a lot of wonderful French Canadians including the fantastic Serge Noel

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