Saturday, 29 October 2011

France: more Le Brewery fun

More fun at Le Brewery

Our lovely American Bretzle arrived at Le Brewery sporting a shaved head and moustache and looking somewhat scary, after a little beer and gentlish persuasion we managed to convince him to allow me to shave it off...

Revealing a damn handsome face and fine set of gnashers.

More bottling of fine fresh ale

Peter relaxes after a hard days work

Its been a long day brewing...

Peter teaches us how to make his perfect Yorkshire puddings

Bretzle experiments with bread recipes

A night of apple pie and poker - homely gambling

Dan and Smudge

An outdoor bread oven at a food festival

Pete, Steve and Juliette man the stand

Pete and his yoghurt cake

One of our meals at Le Brewery, good times!

Mimi and Rocky

About to hit the road again as the adventure continues, au revoir Le Brewery its been a blast

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