Monday, 19 September 2011

Île d'Oléron

Île d'Oléron is an island off the west coast of France, due west of Rochefort and south of Ile de Re. Ile de Re is one of my favourite places, beautiful villages, lots of chic french people, pine forests and altlantic waves but we decided to give Île d'Oléron a chance as the bridge is free to cross and it's closer to the chateau.

You can't beat the atlantic coastline in France for gorgeous light and dramatic weather and the island didn't disappoint. That magical french grey that all of the shutters are painted seems to glow against the old stone houses. That grey I have found out is called gris clair, in other words plain old light grey and not some fancy farrow and ball dead pigeon, just bog standard light grey which I have become very familiar with and am covered in it as I type this!

The Île d'Oléron isn't as gorgeous as Ile de Re but feels much more like a working town with fishermen and warehouses and hippies and dreadlocked surfers. Huitres shacks with flaking paint litter the salt marshes and pine forests flank the southern shores, its really quite pretty - although not quite as preened as its northern neighbour.

 Moules mariniere with a bucket for the shells

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