Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bordeaux: I love you

Bordeaux Bordeaux how I love you
Twisting cobbled streets, unbroken facades of dusty gorgeousness, more laid back then Paris with a plethora of quirky public spaces overflowing with people. The Gironde flows through the centre, its tides marking time - from lazy red mud slowly meandering east to rushing tides west 

Trees on every balcony

Exotic smells and markets full of tres trendy industrical chic

Central street lights strung from buildings - why were we never allowed to do that in Barnsley?

Canopy of London Planes 

The original mirror pool reflects the Bourse and changes throughout the day, lights reflect at night, cool steam in the heat if the day, teens hang out drinking and laughing, children play, people make music - it's all so animated. Such a simple and successful design

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