Friday, 30 September 2011

Bordeaux: help x work/fun

We worked for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week at Le Ramet doing all sorts of tasks

stripping shutters with a hot air gun, then filling, sanding and painting them

A finished shutter next to a yet to be started. Renovating the shutters has changed the way I look at all of those rustic shabby french houses, before I used to thing they were so romantic - now I look at the shutters and think all of those bastards need to be sanded.

I spent a lot of time in the potager, podding peas...


and making rainbows with the hose

Using the tractor to try and rip out a very stubborn fig.

There were so many animals at Le Ramet - 6 jack russels, 3 great danes, millions of cats, horses, donkeys, goats (not all in the house!)

Chinoise & Tigre

My sister and I used to watch a film called the ugly daschund, it was just like that at Le Ramet - hilarious

Daniel & Patricia our hosts/french teachers/chefs...

Gregg concocting a cognac, coffee and chocolate delight called a push push

I have never eaten so well as at Le Ramet, we were treated to delicious French fare every day - eaten in the particular french way

And another amazing help x experience draws to a close, the car is packed and we head off North

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