Sunday, 28 August 2011

UK: Cornwall

A week of wandering and weddings in Cornwall

Cream tea on the beach 

A trip to St Ives

And Barbara Hepworth's studio. The summerhouse above was beautiful, whitewashed walls with brightly coloured potted plants, loads of light and some plaster sculptures.

Visiting Barbara Hepworth's studio was a real treat. I had researched a lot in Hepworth's work for this years Chelsea garden and had seen many of these pieces in books so it was really fantastic to see them in the flesh. The garden is packed full of her larger bronze pieces which were placed around the garden by Hepworth herself.

I particularly love Barbara Hepworth's strung sculptures like 'Spring' above, the forms where inspired by the Cornish landscape ‘The colour in the concavities plunged me into the depth of water, caves or shadows  deeper than the carved concavities themselves. The strings were the tension  I felt between myself and the sea, the wind or the hills.‘

We also visited the Tate St Ives which was displaying work by Martin Creed - Half the Air in a Given Space. This involved one of the gallery spaces being filled with balloons, which you were able to enter and wander about. It was great fun and allowed you to experience the space in a completely new way (covered in static and attempting not to stand on small children)

Another of the galleries had an interactive display which, from a distance, looked like a typographic installation covering all four walls of the room. On closer inspection it transpired that it was actually an interactive installation displaying everyone's height that had passed through the room.

I disappeared into the black blur of average

Dan being measured and surprisingly not one of the tallest, merely averagely tall

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