Thursday, 28 July 2011

Paris: The Pink Flamingo

Thanks to Kat for taking us to the Pink Flamingo, which is a pizza place with a difference. There are a few dotted around but the place but the one we tried was in the 10th near Canal St Martin.

When one of my chic french friends suggested going to sit next to the canal and drink I was a little shocked, I had thoughts of grimy canals in Glasgow with buckfast drinking neds for company, but no, of course not - this is Paris! The French seem to have a knack for restrained social drinking which the brits haven't quite mastered. This trait makes drinking wine by a canal a rather pleasant and not at all terrifying prospect.

So the pink flamingo is a take away pizza place, you place your order and then get given a pink balloon and sent on your way. We found a place to sit next to the canal with our carry out of wine and beer and waited. The pizzas arrived by bike, how perfect is that.

The pink balloon

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