Friday, 22 July 2011

Paris: La tete dans les olives

If you ever get a chance go here its bloody great.

I read about this place on this great blog it's a tiny little deli in the 10th near the canal that has space for 5 people to sit around 1 central table and experience some rather fantastic Sicilian delights.

I had tried to book a table on the off chance that they would be able to fit us in, and luckily enough we were able to go one Friday lunchtime. Dan and I arrived on this ramshackle street to find the table set for two with a selection of olives, olive oil, bread and tapenade. Our charming host told us all about the different types of oil that the deli sourced from various farmers in Sicily, all of the oils are named after the farmers. We then told his how we had quit our jobs to go to France and our next stop was to be on a help exchange at Le Brewery. At this point our host looked a little worried and asked if we knew how much this wonderful intimate dining experience costed! I said yes, that it was 30 euros per head. Ahhh yes it is but that is for 5 people and you actually book the whole restaurant so it would cost 150 euros!!!

As you can imagine we were a little shocked but thankfully it had turned out that the owner had forgotten to tell me this so we were able to come to an agreement and enjoy one of the most memorable and fantastic dining experiences we have ever had.

The appetisers were: a salad of fresh orange, sicilian anchovies and thinly sliced shallots a bizarre combination but delicious. The citrusy orange sharpness cut through the salty anchovies to make a glorious zingy flavour combination. We were also treated to fresh mushrooms stuffed with capers which had been marinated in lemon juice & oregano and thin slices of carrot wrapped around a mint leaf and smothered in olive oil and parmesan and finally shredded cabbage with cured tuna

The pasta course was some of the most delicious pasta I have ever tasted. Capers, raisins and tuna belly with lashings of olive oil some garlic and mint - totally delicious. Desert was another masterclass in simplicity with thinly sliced apple doused in rum and lemon juice and sprinkled with icing sugar and crushed amaretto biscuits.

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